10th Summer Institute on Geographic Information Science

Florence (Firenze), Italy – 20122012 Brochure

Week 1: June 3 to 9, 2012: “Interoperability 360”
Week 2: July 1 to 7, 2012: “Spatial Information in Science and Society” (10th Anniversary Conference)

Venue for both weeks: The beautiful Fattoria di Maiano in Fiesole

Interoperability 360

June 3-9, 2012
Co-Facilitators: Harlan Onsrud, Stefano Nativi, Michael Gould, Max Craglia, Werner Kuhn, Cristina Capineri

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Interoperability 360 intends to discuss the theoretical and practical aspects of the interoperability of systems, services, data, organisations, people, and disciplines from a holistic perspective. Traditional notions of syntactic and semantic interoperability offer only a limited view of what is needed in practice, and do not prepare you for applications in the real world. To fill this gap, the week draws on real-life experience in a global setting, contrasting an approach backed by legislation (INSPIRE), with one based on voluntary contributions (the Global Earth Observatons System of Systems or GEOSS). INSPIRE is the single largest endevour in the world to develop a distributed spatial data infrastructure in a multi-cultural and multi-lingual context, and the lessons from practical implementation across 27 countries and 22 languages shows the limits of existing standards even in a framework backed by the force of law. GEOSS is an endeavour to link earth observing systems at a global scale through interoperability to address sceintific and societal issues. Its voluntary approach puts particular emphasis on the notion of legal interoperability, which will be addressed during the week, while the collaborations from multiple disciplines needed to address the key scientific questions of our time require to extend the boundaries of interoperability from data and services, to encompass also models, theories, and engagement with the public. Participants in the week will leave with a much greater understanding of the multiple facets of interoperability, prepared to challenge the perceived wisdom of interoperability through standards.

2011 Week 1
2012 Week 1 Programme Overview

Spatial Information in Science and Society (10th Anniversary Conference)

July 1-7, 2012
Co-Facilitators: Cristina Capineri, Max Craglia, Michael Gould, Werner Kuhn

Keynote speakers included: Denise Lievesley (King’s College London), Krzysztof Janowicz (UCSB), Gilberto Camara (INPE), Mike Goodchild (UCSB)

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After ten successful years of Vespucci Institutes, we invited all alumni for free and newcomers with a 50% discount on the regular rate to join us in exploring the growing role of spatial information in the sciences and in society at large. Participants applied by submitting a short position paper (max. 2 pages) on where they have seen the biggest potential for spatial data and models, what the role of spatial information is in their own work, and how their participation at one or more Vespucci Institutes has influenced their career. The week consisted of keynote addresses by invited speakers, short presentations from participants, and ample discussion time.

2011 Week 2
2012 Week 2 Programme Overview