Antonio Camara


Antonio Camara is a Professor of Computer Science at the New University of Lisbon and Chief Executive Officer of YDreams.

Antonio Camara co-edited “Spatial Multimedia and Virtual Reality” for Taylor & Francis (1999) and he is the author of “Environmental Systems, a Multidimensional Approach” published by Oxford University Press in 2002. These books present his research results in the past ten years.

He was a founder of Sistema Nacional de Informação Geográfica (SNIG), a nationwide infrastructure of geographical information available in the Internet since 1995. Antonio Camara was also a Senior Consultant in the Expo98 project, that rehabilitated the Eastern part of Lisbon for the World Fair.

In June 2000, Antonio Camara started a company now called YDreams, that develops location-based services and games. YDreams is now operating in Europe, Asia, North and South America.