Dr. Max Craglia


Institute for Environment and Sustainability
Joint Research Centre of the European Commission

Max Craglia is a senior scientist at the European Commission Joint Research Centre in the Digital Earth and Reference Data Unit that has the responsibility for the technical coordination of the Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe (inspire.jrc.ec.europa.eu). He has been the scientific coordinator of European research projects addressing the challenge of multi-disciplinary interoperability in the geosciences. GEOWOW (www.geowow.eu) supports the development of the Global Earth Observation System of Systems across the thematic areas of Weather, Ocean Ecosystems and Water runoff. EuroGEOSS (www.eurogeoss.eu) addressed in a similar fashion the interoperability of data, models, and processes across forestry, drought, and biodiversity. Recent research interests include the assessment and use of information provided by citizens through social networks, and data streams from drones to support environmental policy. The aim is to integrate information from official sources and systems with more dynamic and participative approaches able to increase our understanding of the complex relationships between society and the environment. Digital Earth is the concept that captures this challenge. Max is one of the founders of the Vespucci Initiative for the advancement of Geographic Information Science (www.vespucci.org). Prior to joining the JRC in 2005, Max was a Senior Lecturer at the University of Sheffield teaching GIS for urban planners, and researching areas of spatial data infrastructure deployment and use, and data policy.