Henk J. Scholten


Current position: Professor in Spatial informatics VU, Amsterdam and CEO of Geodan
Key competence: Spatial data infrastructures, Spatial modelling and land use, GIS in urban and regional planning, GIS and disaster management

Henk Scholten (1953) is professor in Spatial Informatics at the Faculty of Business Economics at the Free University in Amsterdam and Scientific Director of the SPINlab, Center for Research and Education on Spatial Information at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (http://www.spinlab.vu.nl/).

Professor Scholten is director of the Post Academic course UNIGIS, which leads to a Master of Science degree in GIS (Geographical Information Systems) at the Free University of Amsterdam (http://www.econ.vu.nl/unigis/).

Professor Scholten is president of UNIGIS International, the association of 17 universities around the world that coordinates education and research in GIS.

Professor Scholten has written various articles about GIS for publication in international books and journals. The book ‘Application of GIS in Urban and Regional Planning’ was published in 1990. The book ‘The Added Value of Geographical Information Systems in Public and Environmental Health’ was published in 1995. The book ‘Spatial Analytical Perspectives on GIS’ was published in 1997 and in 2001 the book ‘Land Use Simulation for Europe’ was published.

Professor Scholten is co-founder and CEO of Geodan in Amsterdam. Geodan specializes in Geographical Information Systems. Since its foundation in 1985 Geodan has grown into an independent group of companies with more than 80 employees, giving form and contents to all the aspects of the Geographical Information System (http://www.geodan.com).

In his role as director of Geodan, professor Scholten has been supervisor on a large number of national and international GIS projects. Professor Scholten is advisor for several ministries in different countries. For the European Union professor Scholten was co-ordinating the European Spatial Meta Information Infrastructure (ESMI). At this moment he is the Secretary of the Dutch National Clearinghouse Foundation for Geo-information. The mission of the foundation is to establish an information infrastructure for geo information (http://www.ncgi.nl).