Teresa Scassa

Teresa Scassa is Canada Research Chair in Information Law at the University of Ottawa. She has degrees in common and civil law from McGill University, as well as a masters and doctorate in law from the University of Michigan. Her main areas of teaching and research relate to privacy and intellectual property law issues, as they arise in the context of new and evolving technologies.

Since 2007 Teresa has been part of several interdisciplinary research teams that have explored issues relating to geospatial data and GIS. She is currently a member of the Geothink project which explores how the Geoweb is shaping government and citizen interactions. Her work on this project has examined the balance between privacy and transparency in open data; the licensing of open data, including real-time data; and the mapping of crime data. She has written about legal issues arising from the use of volunteered geographic information. More recently, she co-authored a study titled Managing Intellectual Property Rights in Citizen Science for the Wilson Center’s Commons Lab.

Teresa is the author of Canadian Trademark Law (2d ed. Lexis/Nexis), and is co-author of Electronic Commerce and Internet Law in Canada (2d ed. Lexis/Nexis), and Law Beyond Borders: Extraterritorial Jurisdiction in an Age of Globalization, (Irwin Law 2014). She is a co-editor of the edited collection titled Intellectual Property Law for the 21st Century: Interdisciplinary Approaches (Irwin Law 2014). She is interested in technology-related issues at the intersection of law and geography.