Praise for the Vespucci international summer institutes

Here is what past attendees have said about their Vespucci experience:


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“The best thing for me in this year, was having the chance to attend Vespucci.”

“Thank you for this great opportunity to exchange and ‘test’ my research ideas in an informal but intensive environment”

“It was a wonderful experience, I would definitely like to continue to keep in touch with Vespucci students and instructors”

“I like the small size of the workshop (less than 40 people). I think anything more than this would be less interactive”

“It was a fantastic week!”

Stephane Roche

Professor in Geomatics, Université Laval, Québec 

“Vespucci summer institute is a wonderful experience in a very nice place!”
“A terrific week in a gorgeous location; definitely the most “memorable” conference/ workshop I’ve been to. Right now, most of the natural and behavioral sciences are integrating a lot of spatial analyses, so the potential utility of SDI is certainly a topic that deserves more attention. Having attended this conference, I’m confident that I’ll be in a better position to approach SDI’s as they evolve”

“Great location and facilities. The WiFi enabled access was great too. It’s good to meet people from such different backgrounds and think of possible overlap in interests and collaborations.”

Gilberto Camara

Director of Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research (INPE)

“The human factor was crucial, and the level of the participants very good too.”
“Thank you for taking the time to organize and present at the workshop. I learned quite a bit and thoroughly enjoyed meeting and interacting with the other participants. The days were long and tiring, but I don’t see any way that the schedule could be changed without sacrificing content.”

“It [Vespucci institute] is likely to build capacity for European SDIs, brought lots of people together, and I am sure it will help them in meeting their (research) objectives.”

“Excellent organisation: timetable, instructors, participants, atmosphere…”

Ben Lowry

PhD Student at Colorado School of Mines

“One very interesting thing is that here are people here coming from many different countries, what is nice from the point of view of socializing and …sharing experiences.”
“Thanks for 2 wonderful weeks. I have enjoyed myself beyond my wildest expectations, learnt a lot and made professional contacts. Wonderful cosy informal environment with ‘teachers’ and ‘students’ all coming together.”

“I was stimulated by the technical part even though I don’t have a CS background.”

“It was incredibly stimulating and made me think that I need to get out of my ivory tower a bit. The ‘fun’ element was very apparent.”

Nicola Guarino

Head of Laboratory of Applied Ontology
Prof. at the Information Engineering and Computer Science Department of University of Trentino

“Informal interactions with participants and students during dinners, Grappa clubs, and breaks were my favorite parts.”
“It’s great to meet and hear from people in different areas of GI; I was glad to learn about all that goes into the construction of these tools, and liked the open discussions about ethics, needs, etc.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. The richness came from the very knowledgeable instructors, an atmosphere that encouraged us to further our learning by being open about ideas and to engage in open discussion.”

Chris Goranson

Director of GIS Center at NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

“All together very well organised; incredible place!”
“Overall, I had a nice time and would recommend the institute. The site and ambiance are unparalleled. On the intellectual side, I think an interactive format is more appropriate for graduate students. Nevertheless, I am grateful for the opportunity and did learn a good deal.”

Kate Chapman

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

Tomi Kaupinnen

Post-Doc at Instiute for Geoinformatics, University of Münster

Clarisse Kagoyire

PhD Student at the Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC) of the University of Twente

Nicola Ferre

Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie

Stefan Kaup

Research Associate at ILS – Research Institute for Regional and Urban Development

Martin Traiblmayr

SAP Research

Gaoussou Camara

PhD Student of Biomedical informatics at Paris 13 University